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I build custom bows tailor made for the needs of the archers. You may
send your order in email or facebook private message. Please your order
shall include:
- bow type (Turkish/Tatar/Magyar/Horsebow/Hunting recurve) of your wish
- your draw length (the bow will be optimized for this draw)
- requested draw weight - Please be aware we measure the draw weight on
your draw length. Eg. if you order a bow for 32" draw and 40# than it
will be 40# on 32".
- Preferred colors (type of wood laminate) of arms.
Once agreed upon the order, the bow will typically be ready within 2
Bows made by me have 1 year warranty for any kind of failors resulting
from proper use. Improper use (including overdraw, clearshot, the use of
fastflight string, or different size string) cancel warranty. The
string's lifetime depends on the intensity of use, it may wear off
sooner than 1 year in case of very frequent use. The 1 year warranty
does not apply on the string, however replacement strings are available
at a small fee.
Bows ordered directly from me, had to be returned to my address for
repair under warranty. Cost of shipping both ways shall be covered by
the customer.
Bows bought from from my retailer shall be returned to the retailer (the
shop it was bought from) for warranty issues - and the retailer will
arrange the repair with me.